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  • we choose cmvision as the software to enable the robot to detect colour that the user want.
  • to install cmvision, follow the FIVE instructions at: [1]
    • replace 5th command with two commands below:
      • $ rosdep install cmvision
      • $ rosmake cmvision
    • if there is an error while compiling the cmvision package, please follow the instructions below:
      • copy CvBridge.h file into /opt/ros/hydro/include/cv_bridge/
      • the CvBridge.h file can be found at: CvBridge.h
    • after finished copying, run following:
      • $ sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-cmvision
    • then, repeat steps:
      • $ rosdep install cmvision
      • $ rosmake cmvision
  • make sure the rosmake is finished without any failure.
  • make sure the bin folder in cmvision package contains colorgui and cmvision file.
  • user may refer [2] to understand the methods to bring up, tuning and apply cmvision.